HOME RUN ~ Memory to last a Lifetime….

I’ve got some really good stories from my past, most of them I am heavily involved. This one is where I’m merely a spectator and was blessed to be a part of the memory!

In my youth (I know that was ages ago), Baseball lasted all summer long, a kid would play Little League Baseball until you were 12, in the Big League until you were 15. This story is from my Big League days at Chino Hills Little League. The league had just put in a new backstop and we played on a field with no outfield fence. The group of kids we played with in these days; we all grew up together, we knew the family’s for many years so no one snuck up on you. You knew who could play, who couldn’t, who could hit, etc. basically there were No surprises.

The Big League Division had 4 teams so you played each team 4 or 5 times. That meant there were days where a pitcher was on and the hitter was pretty smashed and you should know which people in the line up could hit. Based on who was pitching you could pick your threats out of the opposing teams line-ups.

Now after explaining all that, this story is really about my good friend and classmate Henry DeVries. His family had a diary up on the hill behind our 6 acre farm on Pomona Rincon Rd. We all stayed close by the water source; the road off Pomona Rincon Rd went by my house on the way up to Henry’s house. Our other long time friend, class mate, and team mate, Robert Townzend, was pitching to me in this particular garme. Robert and I had lots of success as pitcher and catcher. On this day we were mowing them down; Not many balls even out of the infield, then Henry came up to bat!

Now Henry probably (no, he really is), one of the smartest people I grew up with. I always knew I was / am a Jock. I always knew if I needed someone with book smarts while we were in school Henry was the guy to talk with. Well, Robert and I probably thinking we were smart, had Henry at the plate. We decided to move the field in a little a process used to walk orget the next out. That alone Now told everyone there that we were way to Cocky! On the 3rd pitch towards his bat, Henry made contact and the ball went over the heads of Everybody and rolled uninpeded until it finally stopped.

Henry NOW is running the bases, not like a cat, but not quite like a piano. All of our cutoff people are in line and awaiting the ball. I’m sure Robert and I both had looks of Shock & Awe, while I know I was screaming “Home, Home”. Well to finish this story, Ill say Henry and I both will never forget this next moment…. There was no play at the plate, but it was something I will never forget.

Henry rounded 3rd, ran up touching home, then Jumped up into MY arms. He had just his a Home Run!!! I’m not sure if that was his only Home Run ever but it was one that I shared with him and was very glad to do it! I will always have that memory of him being so excited and happy, jumping up and down and into my Arms – the Catcher of the Opposing Team!!!

Way to go Henry. I know you’ve hit many Home Runs since then!! Can’t wait to see you AUG 2015 at our class reunion ~ Chino Class of ’75!!

God Bless, Absolutely ~CJM


On why to document intimate procedure….

This week I prepared for a colonoscopy. I’m 56 & Colon issues are active in my family. It’s better to be proactive than reactive. I’m blessed to have a relationship with a doctor that keeps me from procrastinating; He is trying to make sure I can last as long as I can. With us preaching men’s health (the Movember “movement” especially), “K” and I documented the entire process. For some of you, you already knew my A$$, others may have seen (read) too much by the time it was all over! HaHaHaHa…

But I really did this so everyone knows how Important Everyday IS. You see I’ve really just been a Jock my entire life; I’m sure no Academic Scholar. BUTT, I know enough that there is 4 quarters in a Football game, 3 periods in a Amateur Wrestling Match, and 9 innings in a Baseball Game. Translated that means I’m in the 4th quarter of my life, the 3rd period of my life and inning 6 or 7 of my life! So spending time and doing things for and with loved ones is VERY IMPORTANT; also telling those that you care about that you do care, is Important too!!

I know my Mom and Dad always told me don’t wait to your Golden years to do stuff and enjoy yourself because your Golden years may not be so golden. Well I miss them (Mom & Pop) every day  and I wish I could have my talks with Pop everyday. He was so Awesome to discuss life with!! No man like him ever. But they both passed their knowledge on as much as I would listen (the older I got the more I listened). So I’m going to say I’ve enjoyed life to its fullest. This entire trip of life I’ve been so lucky to get to travel this world and see and do things that most  just dream of doing.

SO I guess I’ll stop this rambling and just say to those around 50 year of age, go get yourself checked. It may be a little discomfort and 24 hours that you could be doing something else, but it’s the piece of mind knowing one way or the other, so you don’t get knocked on your Arse by a big surprise. For all of you younger, please take care of yourselves and start listening to us elders, maybe just a little???

Absolutely~~ CJM

Heading to the hospital Monday morning

Heading to the hospital Monday morning

Procedure Day story…..



“K” and I are very different in 1 way with getting up & moving in the mornings; I can set an alarm knowing we have to be somewhere giving myself enough time to get woken up a bit,  cleaned up, in this case a small sip of water for my morning meds and I’m ready to go…. “K” has to set her alarm at least an hour prior to departure, MUST have her cup of “foo-foo” coffee to help get her blood sugar up, wake up for a little bit, watch the news, then start her “getting ready process” which usually includes staring about 30 Min prior to departure & waking ME up. This morning was no different, except “K” had to go to the little Motel Lobby to get her water for her coffee and ended up having to take Penny for a little walk after getting me up!

We have to take this moment and THANK ALL the wonderful people at the @GLENROSEINNANDSUITES on the main drag in Glen Rose, TX. They were amazing, allowed “K” & kids to play in the pool as long as they wanted and pretty much left me alone as asked us Sunday!

BUTT, to the really important details of this final daySunday evening progressed more as time went on. I had a few more times up and to the restroom after all the girls finally settled down for the night. I tried my best to allow “K” to get as much rest as possible. Each time the movement got a little more like was described in the directions the doctor gives out. Remember they want basically clear water passing through. The cleaner the better is the motto these Dr.’s go by. As we talked on Day #2, we believe with our consistent diet, which I’m sure is a lot different from most men and women for that matter now days, and “K”s restricting what I had to eat leading up to the procedure, all of that together probably had a lot to do with the clean out process. Butt, then again, since being home I’ve talked to a few friends that had the same experience – pretty easy 1st time, not so easy the 2nd time!!

Glen Rose Medical Center: So we were up and walking into the Glen Rose Medical Facility right at 7 am, right on schedule, although maybe a little slower and a LOT lighter than usual! Walked right up to the registration window, of course my file was on top ready to go. Now days, there’s no longer a stack of papers to sign to release this and release that, just a stylus and a little tablet to sign on, as the registrar reads this and that to you, then you sign. Not sure which is better really since I’m not a tablet kinda guy. “K” taking photos here and there along the way! SO we explained to the registration staff what we were doing by documenting the entire start to finish procedure for Men’s Health & Health Tips in general!!! Which they thought was cool, said never had it done and also said it’s mostly Men that dread this procedure.

No longer had we sat down as directed, I was called back to the Pre-Op Lounge…. Back to a little room, gurney, change into the wonderful “naked & afraid prom gown” you know the special one that is open in the back, tell me your name & birthday 10 more times, then their ready to insert an IV. The IV wasn’t too bad, only 2 sticks, but I think I jinxed her before she even started.  After all that was done, they allowed “K” to come back to sit with me as we waited on the Anesthesiologist and the Doc doing the procedure, Dr. Patino. Again, “K” taking pics along the way, explaining to the nurses what and why we were documenting this all.

1st in was Dr. Singh (sp?) the Anesthesiologist, these are the Docs you want to keep happy and on your side. I’m allergic to Penicillin plus since the car accident can only do what they call “Twilight” or blocks and can not be put out with General Anesthesia. So we started again answering all the same questions, then came the questions about WHY I have to have the twilight or blocks, etc…. which always starts an even more detailed conversation of my complete history, career, and all. Too funny, Dr. Singh was born & bred in Hong Kong. He remembers his father being a HUGE wrestling fan and taking the family to see Tex Watson, Flying Red Bastien and others when Doc was young. Then when they moved to the US, he continued to as he said “be glued to the TV whenever wrestling was on”. He couldn’t wait to get to a stopping point in his day so he could go call his now 93-year-old father and tell him about me! I guess it really still amazes me what and who people remember. The nurse doing my IV remembered being at the Glen Rose building in the mid ’80s when World Class came to wrestle one of our “fundraiser” spot shows we did a lot of back then. Again, it still amazes me after all these years the impression we left on so many during those times; more really of what they remember cause most of us that are still here might just remember making it to the town and not much else!!

Then in comes the Man of the Hour, Dr. Patino himself, to find out if we have any further questions about what’s about to happen. No questions really, just ready to get this over with.

SO I kiss “K” as they wheel me across the hallway to the double doors that read “Endoscopy”. I’m on the same gurney as I was, lots of lights here, docs and nurses all around covered from head to toe with scrubs, caps, masks and booties! They ask me to turn onto my left side…

Dr. Singh, the happy doc, sits down right close to my head; he tells me he is going to insert the “Prop-a-fall” into the IV and it might sting slightly. I remember say “yeah, it does sting a little…..”

BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, Out goes the Lights….

Next thing I know, I’m back in the room where I started, my clothes and hat are sitting to my right in same position as I left them. Dr. Patino comes back in and hands me a few pictures and said he’d be back to explain things to “K”. (When they took me back for my procedure, she went over for an appointment to see our Primary Dr. Turk and to have her port flushed so we wouldn’t have to waste another day to come down for that).

I’m handed an orange juice and next thing I know “K”s walking back in the room! From start to finish we literally were there for all of 3 hours tops I think….

All in all I had a fairly easy time of it today. A little groggy waking up but as soon as the fog lifted I was ready to go.

Apparently, Dr. Patino came in while I was still groggy, gave me photos of my insides and explained what was & was Not found. Thank goodness he’s from Columbia where he attended medical school, cause you know he’s seen and done some strange things just like me. No wonder we get along so well!!

So Doc finished another procedure and came back in to explain to “K” what the photos and reports meant. It looks like right now at the age of almost 57, my colon is looking OK for its age. This time there were no actual polyps to remove, I have div-its or Diverticulosis, small pockets that form in your intestinal / colon tract, which will sometimes make it difficult for bowel movements to pass through your digestive system. Which sends us back to my original post about me wondering “why have such strong bowel movements at times”. So now we ALL know. I’m told I need to continue eating my salad every night prior to dinner, continue eating as fresh as we possibly can but try to add more fiber in my diet to help clean out those “small holes”!

Like I said in the beginning of ALL of this, sometimes the truth isn’t pretty but it has to be told.

There is such a stigma about this procedure called the Colonoscopy; so many believe is embarrassing, horrible, dreaded thing to do but really it’s less than a total of 24 hours from start to finish and luckily you can offer yourself and your loved ones a little piece of mind that your Colon is clean for at least the next 5 years, at least in my case!!

And if you are in that dreaded percentage that comes out with polyps, or worse, being found; then having it been found during this simple procedure and not too much later, you have a better chance of removal, remission and being a survivor.

Thank you to all who have followed this interesting 3 day Journey of Men’s Health with me. Remember you never know when this one day may just be your last… cherish those around you, and don’t just love the one your with! LOL

God bless one and all, Absolutely!


ps: more photos, insights and more on the website too!! www.JohnnyMantell.com

Also if ANYONE out there has questions about this procedure, the prep, experience or just about life in general, we have all our contacts on line but you can contact us through this site as well, just email wildwestwrestling@yahoo.com



Day #3 – Final day / Procedure….

IV in and ready to go, just awaiting Gurney driver....

IV in and ready to go, just awaiting Gurney driver….

Still wearing my American Hat until they tell me it has to go....

Still wearing my American Hat until they tell me it has to go….

You know I never have minded too well, but I did try to listen....

You know I never have minded too well, but I did try to listen….

Gurney driver arrived, off to the "races" my friends....

Gurney driver arrived, off to the “races” my friends….

"K" says this is how she found me.... still a little groggy

“K” says this is how she found me…. still a little groggy

IV out, still groggy, but ready to go (not literally any more, LOL)

IV out, still groggy, but ready to go (not literally any more, LOL)

Feeling pretty good, happy nothing serious was found.

Feeling pretty good, happy nothing serious was found.

Of course, they say no driving myself home or heavy machinery today, but we'll just see about that!!!

Of course, they say no driving myself home or heavy machinery today, but we’ll just see about that!!!

Colon Prep

Day #2 ~ Prep Day of my Journey of Men’s Health procedure….


Today is the day…. Prepping for the dreaded procedure so many of us fight against especially us of the male species; some of us decide we just don’t need or are too “scared” to go through with it because like Humor Writer Dave Barry says “it’s the thought of that 17,000 ft hose being shoved where the sun doesn’t shine!”.
Well, as I’ve said in prior posts, this will be my 2nd one since I turned 50, not just because it is recommended for us “old fooggies” but mainly because of my family members that have been diagnosed with the dreaded Colon Cancer, a few very early in life and right now a Really good friend (my same age) is fighting for his life, in stage 4, when he had no symptoms except constipation. We’ll tell more of his story later too!

Today started out not too bad. We got to sleep in later than normal, with a little help from NO roosters crowing at dawn, keeping KJ up way past her bedtime last night and the helpful “black out curtains” on the motel windows! I was told I could have a very little amount of food early on to take my morning meds so up and at ’em across the road to a nice lil diner, who according to the girls had great food. I Hot Tea & a lil bite of eggs. A painted sign as we walked in said “Home of the World’s Largest Biscuit” and that was no lie. Kimmie’s breakfast came with a biscuit that between Kimmie & KJ it could not be finished. (I guess that’s what we should have taken photos of!) After a brief stop, it was back to the room so “K” could set up my schedule of my “Poop-a-Lax” Prep for the afternoon, cause there is a Schedule!

Now, here is where if you get weird or squeamish about anything have to do with how our bodies work or bodily functions, you should ask a friend to continue and give you the highlights, or check back tomorrow for all the results, but check out the photos cause some are “hilarious” according to my girls, but not feeling that way as they were taken… at least some of them!

Now, where was I… Oh, yeah my schedule….. To prep for the Colonoscopy procedure, there is no longer a gallon of strangely salty lime tasting concoction that has to be chugged in a certain amount of time as there was the 1st time I had the procedure done, but you now have Orders take 4 Ducolax (or generic equivalent) at 1 pm; then take 8.3 ounces of Miralax (or equivalent) and mix with 64 ounces of a sports drink (of course any color except Red, Purple, Orange, Blue; which basically leaves Limon) which is like taking 14 daily doses at once; you start drinking that at 4 pm, they want you to chug a 4-6 oz glass every 10 minutes until the 64 oz is completely gone and within 2 hours. Just in case you may have “problems”, the directions say “to stay as close to the restroom as possible as soon as Prepping starts”; NO really? I thought I’d go hiking with the girls at the Dinosaur Digs. HaHaHa
During this time, IF I’m hungry I can have Jello, again NO colors, so back to Lime which in my opinion is Nasty; chicken or beef bouillon; but don’t forget LOTS and LOTS of water.
OK, so here is one of my problems – again, WARNING – I have a strong bowel system. I guess since we eat such a “clean diet”, my system is probably not the norm. We don’t eat out but Maybe 3-4 times a month if that, and when we do especially around Bowie, it’s simple Mexican or maybe a pasta meal from Bella’s but hardly Never fast food. I always, every night, have a large salad before I eat my regular dinner meal. Our meals always consist of some kind of meat, but most of the time grilled, broiled but sometimes lightly fried, maybe a potato or starch but always more veggies and sometimes fruit. Over the past 3 months our meals have consisted of almost all Fresh Veggies from our garden. So I guess my system is cleaner than most to begin with… also, having such a “strong system” I have a clean out (that’s the best way to describe it) about once a week. Matter of fact, I had a good clean out Saturday morning before we left. I know probably a lot more than most of you wanted to read, but again I have to tell this whole thing like it is!

SO fast forward to today, day of Prep. I take the 4 tabs as prescribed. I wait the about 2 hours to start drinking my 2 – 32 ounce Sports Drinks, limon of course. I did it with in the 2 hours allotted for drinking it, but boy let me tell you it was harder than you think.
Problem, nothing was happening. Nothing from the time of the pills to the drink, nothing from drinking time, nothing…. The girls had been gone 5 hours and came back to check in on me. “K” said I didn’t look good! (No comments guys.) I felt horrible. Don’t mean to scare anyone here. But I had that gas bubble feeling that stunk, I felt like I had so much fluid sloshing around, and I was fighting to keep it all from coming right back up! So the girls went out to the pool, and I laid down to take a nap.
They came back, got cleaned up and took KJ down to local park to eat and play some more, trying to give me time to relax, coming back at almost dusk!
Finally, some relief. Again – WARNING – it’s about to get really detailed again… you hear and are told of the multiple trips to the restroom to clean out before you get to the runny, then dark, the watery stool which shows its getting cleaner so all can be seen, and that’s what I experienced back in 2010 during my 1st procedure BUTT it is not the case tonight…. Like I said huge gas bubbles, which FINALLY (as we right this, which we started about 9:45 pm) have started to release, and now I have had a few loose movements but all watery. I guess that “clean out” I had Saturday morning before we left really started the flush early!!!
As we write this, setting the alarm and getting ready to attempt a little rest for the night, we wonder if this is as it will be or if more “interesting” ways of being cleaned out will occur in the morning, or if I will be up and down all night? God only knows, literally.

Somewhere, somehow, someway by documenting this routine health screening procedure, we hope we can show that: #1 it’s NOT as bad as it’s made out to be really – the prep really is the worse part & truthfully is this is what it takes every few years count me in; #2 it’s so Very Important to be properly screened, especially if there is significant family history; and #3 it so VERY IMPORTANT to take care of yourself, if not for you but for your LOVED ones, because you never know when TODAY or event Tomorrow might be the last day you have with them.

So now we’re off to bed, up early to be at the hospital a little before 7am. I’m sure “K” will be a lot more write about while I’m in and under and hopefully good detailed news later and you know us, it will all be in detail, plus pictures and video, or at least as much as the Hospital will allow!
God bless and Goodnight ~ Absolutely…

First day of MY Journey to show I do what I preach….





Today technically started my “Journey to MY Men’s Health” Diary. AS many of you may, or may not know, I have “preached”/talked about Men’s Health & checking our Health in general for many year’s especially on Mantell’s Corral, to all our friends, family & fans, and especially during November, Movemeber for Men’s Health movement!
Your health is very important for you, but even more important for your family & friends. We all have to take care of ourselves.
So Monday, I have a Colonoscopy scheduled. My dad was a Colon Cancer survivor for a few years, my Aunt lost her life very young to this horrible cancer as well as another younger family member; I have had several friends who have lost parents or siblings to this disease, and now have a very good friend dealing with it, but by the time it was found it was already listed as Level 4 Colon Cancer. The main ingredient in all, is that they were either caught early and dealt with because of a simple Colonscopy or the person never had “symptoms” so never had a colonoscopy.

SO I know many times we hear, “DO as I say, Not as I do” – well I’ve decided to do, say and show that taking care of ourselves and having a simple procedure to ease your mind, or if something is found, take care of things early. This will be my 2nd Colonoscopy, so I know the basics! We won’t go into that tonight. Tomorrow, Sunday, is prep day so we’ll go through the step by steps then….

Today, we woke up to heavy fog through out the Farm. “K” had to run to town to take Okra to her customers who just love her young okra, get a water coolant reservoir for our Suburban (which had cracked & caused it to over heat a few days ago and it had to be ordered, plus “K” then came home and installed it but that will have to be a story all in itself!), a few items for our road trip and my “Poops-a-Lot” combinations of medications from the pharmacy (again more on those steps tomorrow). Chores done, time line and chores list for Ryan and friends at the Farm (you have animals & a garden that expect to be taken care of everyday, someone has to stay home to do it), bags backed, truck loaded and we were finally on the road…. Now some of you may ask why would I leave on Saturday for a Monday procedure?
1st – Our primary Dr., Dr. Turk who was run out of Bowie and ended up in Glen Rose, TX and at the Medical center. From our door to the Hospital is 114 miles one way. Prepping and riding 3 hours Monday morning was not something I wanted to do.
2nd – I thought coming down with my girls,”K”, Kimmie, KJ, & Penny (of course she had to come!) would be a nice lil time away to have a few hours of fun with me before Prep Day; Ryan decided it best stay close to home at a friends to help keep an eye on everything. We did have a few hours of fun at the Big Rock Park, where a gentleman came up & started talking wrestling & old WCCW days, still amazes me how I can just be sitting minding my own business and people still find me!); had a nice dinner at Hollywood & Vine (where I made the decision on what my dinner would be on what would be the easiest coming out!); then even a few moments in the hotel pool & a few puffs off a cigar my buddy Keith sent with me before its off to bed.
PLUS – I wanted to attempt to give Kimmie a little bit of a fun time since her Birthday is Tuesday, 8/5 and she has to be back in Bethany and in School by 8/8!!
So here are a few photos from today, enjoying time before the big Prep Day begins….
God bless and blesses…

INDUCTION NIGHT into the PW Hall of Fame…

Saturday night. The time has come. K and I are dressed. The hotel lobby is packed and so is the Bar with a few of us getting a little liquid courage.
Doors are opened and the ticket holders start to pour in…. we’ve haven’t seen it this packed in a few years. The room is always split, Inductees, Board & Committee members and families toward the front of the room. Ticket holders in tables separated by large isle. We all mingle in and around until banquet starts.
Tony welcomes everyone then turns it over to B. Brian Blair who is the MC for the evening. Each year the Inductees who are being inducted posthumously are done first. A short film of their work and stories are told if each. Stan Hansen inducted Bruiser, and no one could have done it better. Barbara did an amazing job on her acceptance speech and she received a copy of the plaque that will forever hang in the Hall.
After a short break for all of us old foggies to move our bones, the live Inductee’s were awarded. Don Muraco was not in attendance due to a recent health issue. Bill Sadie was and is great. Don Fargo was introduced by his partner at one time Greg Valentine. Let’s just say these too are still a hoot. They were asked to tell a story appropriate for the audience, well it’s a story I’m still trying to figure out how to tone down!!
A great dinner and time was had by all in attendance. The most amazing thing was seeing the look and sparkle in Dominique s eyes each time K took her around to everyone for an autograph and photos. Bless you Brian, Stan, Bill and especially Joyce for taking those few moments with what just might be the future of wrestling. You never know!!
More photos, more hugs, and then off to the Bar for a night cap more stories and even more hugs.
With promises we’d meet for breakfast, we were off to slumber. I’m pooped…