INDUCTION NIGHT into the PW Hall of Fame…

Saturday night. The time has come. K and I are dressed. The hotel lobby is packed and so is the Bar with a few of us getting a little liquid courage.
Doors are opened and the ticket holders start to pour in…. we’ve haven’t seen it this packed in a few years. The room is always split, Inductees, Board & Committee members and families toward the front of the room. Ticket holders in tables separated by large isle. We all mingle in and around until banquet starts.
Tony welcomes everyone then turns it over to B. Brian Blair who is the MC for the evening. Each year the Inductees who are being inducted posthumously are done first. A short film of their work and stories are told if each. Stan Hansen inducted Bruiser, and no one could have done it better. Barbara did an amazing job on her acceptance speech and she received a copy of the plaque that will forever hang in the Hall.
After a short break for all of us old foggies to move our bones, the live Inductee’s were awarded. Don Muraco was not in attendance due to a recent health issue. Bill Sadie was and is great. Don Fargo was introduced by his partner at one time Greg Valentine. Let’s just say these too are still a hoot. They were asked to tell a story appropriate for the audience, well it’s a story I’m still trying to figure out how to tone down!!
A great dinner and time was had by all in attendance. The most amazing thing was seeing the look and sparkle in Dominique s eyes each time K took her around to everyone for an autograph and photos. Bless you Brian, Stan, Bill and especially Joyce for taking those few moments with what just might be the future of wrestling. You never know!!
More photos, more hugs, and then off to the Bar for a night cap more stories and even more hugs.
With promises we’d meet for breakfast, we were off to slumber. I’m pooped…


Saturday, PWHF day…

After checking into our room when we arrived in Johnstown Friday afternoon, we headed to the lobby and bar to see who else had arrived and plans for the evening. It was like walking into any amazing locker room around the country, and old home week put together!!
Seeing many of the boys, fans and historians that we have gotten to be great friends with over the years. Butcher Vachon, Duck “the Destroyer” Beyers, Joyce Grable (an amazing woman who is so much better this yer Thank God), Diane Von Hoffman or FeFe, if you ask Tony,  Lisa “the Adjuster” & Roy Haynes “the cheapest man in America”, Tom Burke, Don Luce, Stan Hansen and Barbara Boorish, B. Brain Blair, Greg Valentine, and the list goes on and on and on…. it’s great sitting with friends, meeting new ones throughout the afternoon.
Tony, the PWHF President, always hosts a dinner on Friday evening for the boys, board & committee members, and Inductees and their families. This year it was great being in the same hotel as everything else so we didn’t have to move around a lot. The food and company was great. K and I sat at the table with RayRay & Lori, Billy Caputo & his wife (WCWRef), And Stan Hansen & Barbara Goodish (Bruiser Brody’s widow). Tony made a few announcements and then asked us all to go around the room to introduce ourselves. K took some great photos before the dinner. I’d like to list everyone in attendance at the dinner but we will let the photos do the talking, but I wouldn’t allow videos cause that rooms kinda like Vegas “what happened there, stays there!”

With this group, when the dinner was over we adjourned to the Bar…. LOL.
But we did not stay long since we were back up early the next morning.
Saturday morning started with meeting Stan, Barbs, Ray and Lori for breakfast before heading off to Amsterdam and the Hall.
It’s just amazing seeing the slight changes each year throughout those Museum walls. Again K took some amazing pictures with all of us looking at the displays. Stan and I both got stopped to do video interviews by the PWHF team and then later for the 350 days of wrestling documentary.  Great times telling our stories.
I was very honored to be asked to be included in the 350 days documentary, especially being taped in front of my PWHF display.
We also met a beautiful young lady and her parents in the Hall that morning, Dominique who is a huge fan and wants to be in the business one day. So K spent time talking with explaining how key her education is and what “not to look for” in getting in the business! They bought the last 2 tickets to the banquet, so K can spend more time with her.
The street festival along Main Street has grown each year and it was great seeing Main Street full in front of the Hall.
Back to Johnstown for the Autograph signing, which is a straight 2 hours of signing but it’s great seeing and meeting all the great fans. Truly amazing to me the number of people that return each and every year AND the new ones too plus the amount of memorabilia they bring!! It really is humbling. I sat right next to Barbara, and was extremely happy the way everyone who came through, except one goof, gave a very nice sentiment about Bruiser to her. I really believe she had a wonderful time.

a look at the autograph line on Saturday

a look at the autograph line on Saturday

After us all taking a few moments to get our bodies moving and hands uncramped from the signing, we all had  a couple of hours to unwind and get ready for the Induction Banquet…..
The best was yet to come…. absolutely!!!


The day has come for the great men and women in this business to be acknowledged by their Induction into the 13th Class of the PWHF.
Today has been another amazing day in Amsterdam/Johnstown.
We started out this morning meeting RayRay, Lori, Barbara and Stan early before everyone headed to the Hall. This year Amsterdam had the Street Fair all along Main Street in front of the Hall again. Boy, it just seems to grow each year.
But the real Fun was in the Hall. “K” & I walked through a good bit, particularly upstairs, of the Museum with Stan Hansen and Barbara Goodish ( Frank, Bruiser Brody, Goodish’s wife). You really do see something new each time you walk through it! Barbara had never been to the museum before it was a delight seeing the enjoyment in her eyes of the all the Hall entails. Especially the love so many still have for her husband and the impact he made on so many in and out of this business.
Stan and I were stopped to record something about the PWHF along the way. We both love the PWHF and know that if it weren’t for the ones before us and ones after there would be no Professional Wrestling.
As I was finishing up one interview, K was stopped by a dad of a young lady who loves the business. Her parents knew nothing but wanted to bring her to learn the history. What a delightful young lady and possibly the future of ladies wrestling!!
Then K and I were headed for the Street Fair… stopped and asked to be interviewed for an upcoming documentary. Amazing the amount of movies and documentaries being shot about professional wrestling and their families, even seems like a few are being down twice.
We had a great time in downtown Amsterdam, the Town really puts a lot behind this weekend to help make it even bigger and better than before.
Now back to Johnstown where the Memorabilia fair and the Autograph lines were and then the Induction banquet later on.
The signing was Sold Out again with the lines out the door, down the halls and out the doors. It was Amazing sitting there looking to my right and left and realizing the talent that I was surrounded by. The fans are allowed to come through the line and get one item signed or photograph with each of us sitting along the walls. I’m always humbled by the items and the memories that the fans bring through to show us or have autographed. And was extremely pleased by the respect, love and encouragement the everyone showed Barbara Goodish (Frank Bruiser Brody) wife. She sat next to me during the signing and it was just wonderful!!
The Induction dinner was a packed house. President Tony Vellano opened the floor introducing B. Brian Blair as the MC for the evening. First the Inductees that were being honored posthumously were inducted, stories and a short video were shown about each. Stan introduced Bruiser and Barbara so graciously accepted. It was sad to see that no one from either Lord Alfred Hayes’ or Gary Harts’ families were there to accept on their behavles.
A short break, then on to the living inductees… Don Muraco was unable to attend due to recent hip surgery, Mr. Wrestling #2Johnny Walker and his son gave a heart warming speech and then of course the most entertaining Acceptance speech of the night came from one half on the Tag Team Inductees The Fabulous Fargos, Don Kalt Fargo. Let me start by saying Greg Valentine introduced Don… then went down hill from there. LOL Don was the master of the ribs, stories of him being buck naked and dropped down 4 stories on the outside of a building to a party only to see that it was Vince McMahons room, he said he was fired thereafter!!! (He also says more stories and ribs will be in his upcoming book)
Banquet ending, PWHF class photos taken, wrestler photos taken, take photos with all our friends and off to the bar to unwind!!!
It was Another Wonderful Night at the PWHF. “K” took plenty of photos and I’ll write more stories from the weekend too… again sorry lil late on our posts, just been a lil busy!!!!!

From NJ to Woodstock to Amsterdam

This is more like a travel blog this week more than anything. But that’s OK.  Love traveling the roads. Must have or I wouldn’t have made it in this business during all those years. For numerous years straight I wrestled 360 matches a year!! Sadly It might take youngsters today years to work that many  matches.
Just now the roads a lil harder on these old muscles and bones.
We must say these roads and highways in NJ / NY  are just beautiful minus all the toll booths!
After leaving our buddy Tom Renesto Jr and his fiancee in New Brunswick,  we are niw Amsterdam bound. A quik stop to see Woodstock and grab a bite is also on the agenda.
Can’t wait to see old friends and foes soon at PWHF.
Remember K is planning in doing display videos for website soon!!


Just beautiful.
Enjoy, CJM

3rd day “on the road” to PWHF

After the wild & wholly travel 24 hrs we had arriving to the North East, and the great “hook a brother up” room fare we got via Renesto here in New Brunswick,  K and I have spent our days right here. A nice relaxing couple days before we head toward Amsterdam tomorrow morning.  Excited to see all our friends.
So gonna get up in morning,  make “pit stop” at Woodstock for lunch and a photo shoot then back on road North to Amsterdam/Johnstown.
Side note… when we travel we like to try local eateries or cuisine we normally don’t get which is a lot in Bowie.  So Davey O’Hannon took us to Harold’s NY Deli last night. If you didn’t see the pics on Facebook go look, OMG. For lunch today K found  a Southern Indian buffet and tonight she’s located a diner thats been on Diners, Drive Ins & Dives for they’re Lobster Mac & Cheese and chocolate martinis. …
Enjoy, CJM


Here’s the dessert case at Harold’s last night! And yep, a slice of onebof those cakes is 8 layers.

Finally up and almost at ‘em

K and I made it to our hotel room in NJ at 5:08am this morning.  Only 12 hours later than our original estimated arrival. 
But GOD bless buddies. Dear friend Tom Renesto Jr got up even at 5 in morning to meet us to give us room key and hug!! So after crashing and recovery, its 4pm and we finally feel alive again. Now time to find nourishment.
So Meeting Davey OHannon & friends tonight for dinner at Harolds NY Deli. Yummy!!
For once K is glad she didn’t schedule anything for the first 2 days of our trip.